New insect food trend is not for faint of heart

For some most people, finding bugs in your food is absolutely revolting.

But other people may go out of their ways to eat insects, a delicacy in many countries. Chapulines, or grasshoppers, are eaten in many areas of Mexico. Fried crickets, worms and water bugs are widely enjoyed in Thailand, while scorpions are authentic in China.

But over the years, this "yummy" insect trend has been making its way to the United States. Many authentic restaurants already incorporate bugs into their menus. But other companies are hopping aboard this creepy crawler train by creating common foods out of bugs.

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Take Chirps Chips, for example, a company out of San Francisco started by three Harvard grads. Using cricket flour, the company, which was featured on Shark Tank, sells chips made out of cricket flour.

Likewise, Bitty Foods saw the potential of protein-filled cricket flour, while Next Millennium Farms is the go-to for oven-roasted mealworms and crickets -- yum!

We're all about "don't knock it 'til you try it", but this trend really bugs us.