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Creative recipes to elevate your everyday sandwich
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Creative recipes to elevate your everyday sandwich

"In my world, there are never enough cheese recipes and never enough chicken recipes, so this GRILLED CHICKEN CORDON BLEU SANDWICH is literally my dream dish! Think grilled cheese kicked up a million notches; so much flavor and absolutely zero fuss! It's an amazing way to spice up lunch, dinner, or any meal in between." - Becky, The Cookie Rookie

"I have always loved Cobblestone Bread, but this Million Dollar White Bread is for sure my new obsession. The "right sized" loaf is just PERFECT for our household. It's hard for the two of us to devour a loaf before it goes bad, so the smaller size is right up our alley. Isn't that just the best?" - Becky, The Cookie Rookie
"Needless to say, plenty of time has passed since we used to delight in a simple pepperoni on white (one of the shortcut sandwiches my mom came up with), and we’re at the point where a slice of perfect white bread feels like an indulgent treat--whether it’s a classic PB&J, a slice of buttered toast, or something next-level, like this “Green Eggs & Ham” Grilled Cheese." - Kaitlin, The Woks of Life
"So we’ve updated and interpreted green eggs and ham for a more adult palate: specifically, a cured Italian ham, bright green pesto, crunchy arugula, and smooth white cheddar--all on two perfectly-sized slices of sweet and soft Million Dollar White Bread. The bread crisps up perfectly on a buttered griddle, and it really holds up to the weight of the fried egg, basil pesto, plenty of gooey cheese, ham, and arugula." - Kaitlin, The Woks of Life
"Call me an overachiever but when it comes to eating anything I always want choices, so that’s the reason for this Ultimate Chicken Club Sandwich and Chicken Melt Recipe. I thought I’d take the time to use almost the same ingredients to make a beefed up chicken club and then totally change things up and make a chicken melt recipe." - Billy, Billy Parisi

"One of the most important aspects of any sandwich is the bread. For me, bread should be used to complement the rest of the sandwich with its flavor and its ability to stay intact no matter what you put on it. There is nothing worse than sandwich bread that falls apart, nothing! I can always count on Cobblestone Bread Co. to deliver superior taste and quality while being strong enough to handle even the manliest of sandwiches I want to create." - Billy, Billy Parisi

"I’m always trying to elevate sandwiches. They can quickly get super boring, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Growing up, I loved tuna salad. It’s just one of those recipes that takes me straight back to my childhood, but let’s be honest, tuna salad can get boring if you don’t brighten it up with other ingredients. This is why I am absolutely obsessed with these grown-up tuna salad sandwiches." - Justine, Cooking and Beer

"It all starts and ends with Cobblestone Bread Co. Million Dollar White Bread. This bread you guys…this bread is the perfect platform for this tuna salad. It is super soft, but not so soft that it falls apart when you layer on the ingredients. It really holds up well. It has a slight sweetness that really complements the extreme savoriness of the rest of the ingredients. It is also soooo good when you toast it." - Justine, Cooking and Beer

"Imagine this: a BBQ chicken sandwich meets a classic French Croque Monsieur that also incorporates the whole I-work- all-the- time thing and the I-don't-have-enough-time-to-cook-a-fancy-meal thing into account. And best of all - this grown up version of a summertime classic is completely doable all year round regardless of where you live, what season it is, and how much you work. Its highbrow deliciousness will have you and your friends begging for more." - MacKenzie, Grilled Cheese Social

"This sliced white bread is soft, sweet and rich. And even though you can you buy it at the grocery store, it tastes just like a freshly baked loaf of white bread. Most importantly, it has the strength to stand up to saucy, over the top sandwiches just like the ones that I make and it toasts up beautifully, making it a perfect sandwich bread in my own humble opinion." - MacKenzie, Grilled Cheese Social

"I’m all about toasted bread for sandwiches. I find that it gives them structural integrity and I like the texture of toast! The bread I used, Cobblestone Million Dollar White Bread was buttery, rich, and best of all, held all the steak and lobster easily. And, bonus, I really like the size of the loaf, which is slightly smaller than your typical family size loaf." - Stephanie, I Am A Food Blog

"This sandwich turned out really good! The creaminess of the miso-butter with the chunks of lobster, the seared steak with wasabi and mayo – everything just went well together. I feel like this was a gateway sandwich. I mean, I’m clearly a sandwich fan, but lately I haven’t been making any. That has to change, stat!" - Stephanie, I Am A Food Blog

"Sandwiches are great. Just slap on some deli meat and cheese between two slices of bread and lunch is done. But, that can also get pretty boring after a while, can't it?" - Dana, This Silly Girl's Kitchen
"I made the ultimate sandwich including two of my all-time favorite food groups; seafood and fried stuff. That's right. I believe fried everything should be in a category all on its own: The Epic Deliciousness Category." - Dana, This Silly Girl's Kitchen
"These adult inspired sandwiches are filled with layers of cheesy, saucy, traditional lasagna, all snuggled between and held lovingly together with buttery, garlicy, perfectly seasoned, Cobblestone Million Dollar White! In a matter of minutes, you can serve up this impressive and whimsical all new throwback of a sandwich, kicked up by many grown-up notches." - Amy, Oh Bite It
"Some of the best childhood memories were made around the table, sharing food and fun with family and friends. Looking back on those delicious memories is what helps us to keep those times alive as we recreate special moments with food for our kids, and hopefully for generations to come." - Amy, Oh Bite It

"Yeah, grilled cheese is my favorite American food! It always brings back fun memories from my first year in America. Since then I've made countless variations of grilled cheese. And I'm so excited to share with you one of my favorites!" - Shinee, Sweet & Savory

"You guys know how I love Philly cheese steak sandwiches and cheese. (Remember, those cute Philly cheese steak sliders??) Well, imagine how indulgent these grilled cheese sandwiches, stuffed with thinly sliced steak and extra cheese, are! Out of this world!!! And it comes together in less than 15 minutes! Because grilled cheese should never take long to make, right?" - Shinee, Sweet & Savory

"For me, a grilled cheese is a love letter dished up on 2 perfectly sized slices of bread. Not enough butter, too high of heat, wrong proportion of cheese, or even the slightest distraction can end up with a sandwich that lacks passion, and equally important, taste.  A grilled cheese should be savored, not rushed. It should be patiently prepared with intent and purpose to swoon your taste buds and offer delight in simple indulgences." - Coryanne, Kitchen Living with Coryanne
"As the weather warms and my desire for tomato bisque fades, my grilled cheese takes on a new life. Moving from the classic cheese on toast style, to something that tastes more like a pizza margarita. Made with bakery style Cobblestone Bread Co. Million Dollar White Bread, fresh mozzarella and oven-roasted tomatoes." - Coryanne, Kitchen Living with Coryanne

When it comes to making a meal, there are few things easier and more satisfying than whipping up the perfect sandwich. Whether you are a BLT lover or a fan of a classic club, having all of your favorite ingredients come together in one dish never fails to be a crowd pleaser.

Now it's time to take your sandwiches to the next level with Cobblestone Bread Co. Million Dollar White Bread. We love Cobblestone's bakery-style bread for so many reasons. Besides its rich flavor, this loaf is the perfect size for smaller families or for those who love variety. Check out the creative ways that bloggers from the Lifestyle Collective transformed their typical meals to grown up sandwiches!

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