Little boy loses toe after crocs become caught in escalator


Everyone loves to hate on crocs. The very controversial shoe trend continues to make a presence in the fashion world, where designers are constantly striving to redeem the style -- but people struggle to find the shoe's aesthetic pleasing.

But now, people have another reason to hate crocs after learning about its dangers. 5-year-old Stanley Wood and his family were on vacation in Dubai when his foot was "mangled" in the side of the escalator. His toe was quickly ripped off his foot.

Stanley not only lost his toe, but his plantar ligament as well. In the video above, you can see how easily Stanley became trapped.

His mom took to Facebook to warn of the hidden dangers of crocs on escalators. "Our beautiful 5 year old son Stanley has sustained horrific and life changing injuries as a result of his Crocs being dragged into a moving escalator," Helen Wood wrote.

The shoes, made of Croslite foam, do not provide adequate protection for the feet. The 'pliable' shoe can easily be sucked into a moving escalator (or other machines), causing major injuries. Look how easily this tiny Croc got mangled:

While Wood's post has since been changed to private, she explained that Stanley would need more operations to correct his foot. "The entire tendon got pulled out right up to the calf muscle as the force of the machine was so strong," Stanley's doctor, Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy, said.