9 unusual uses for shaving cream

Shaving cream isn't just for shaving. Sure, it does the trick by moisturizing and protecting your skin from razors. But, shaving cream can actually do *so* much more than that. Whether it's for your house, health or beauty, shaving cream can be your number one life hack.

It gets out stains, stops your glasses from fogging up and makes your jewelry sparkle -- so many uses for just one bottle! Watch the video above for some life-changing hacks.

Scroll through below for the amazing uses of shaving cream:

Unusual uses for shaving cream
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Unusual uses for shaving cream

1. Remove carpet stains

Simply spray shaving cream on carpet and blot with a damp sponge. Let it dry for a few hours. 

2. Clean your oven

Use shaving cream and a scouring pad to scrape dirty spots away. It'll look as good as new! 

3. Remove nail polish from skin 

If you're not great at painting your nails, spray some shaving cream on your fingers post-manicure. It'll get rid of everything but the polish on your nails. 

5. Clean your glasses 

Stop the fog! Spray a dollop of shaving cream to the glass lenses and wipe it off with a soft cloth. 

Hygiene legs, the woman applied foam for hair removal

6. Silence a squeaky door

Get rid of that irritating squeaky sound from your door hinge. Spray some on the hinge and give it a wipe down! 

7. Break in gloves and mitts 

Break in your baseball mitt by spraying shaving cream inside. Then, secure it with a baseball and rubber band for a day. 

8. Relieve sunburns

Don't have any aloe? Many people use shaving cream for sunburns. It prevents blisters and peeling.

Lather on some shaving cream to the irritated area and let it soak in. After awhile, wipe it down, gently, using a cool wash cloth. 

9. Clean jewelry 

Carefully, apply some shaving cream to a toothbrush and scrub. It prevents tarnishes and cleans up any hidden dirt! 


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