Donald Trump is still using Scotch tape to hold his ties together

President Donald Trump is set to visit St. Andrew Catholic School in Orlando, Florida, along with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in order to sing the praises of the the Sunshine State's tax credit scholarship program on Friday.

But none of that matters right now, because as the president was disembarking from Air Force One today, a lucky gust of wind kicked up his tie just high enough to reveal that he still uses scotch tape to hold it together.


Photo: Reuters

Talk about a faux pas.

The Crafter in Chief has been caught using this innovative hack before, most notably when disembarking from Air Force One during a trip to Indiana's Carrier air-conditioning and heating company back in December.

Unfortunately, this devastating fashion update comes just days after Trump made headlines over the very stylish suit he opted to wear during Tuesday's Congressional address.

They can't all be winners, now can they?