Your new late-afternoon obsession is here: Wine-infused coffee

You know that dead zone in the late afternoon when it's too late for a cup of coffee but too early for a glass of wine? Well, two Napa Valley brands are coming together to solve that with (drum roll) wine-infused coffee. Yep, it's all happening.

Winemaker Molinari Private Reserve and coffee roaster Wild Card Roasters are creating a new beverage together (in both decaf and regular varieties)—and it's loaded with antioxidants. According to FoodBev, it took them two years to master the infusion, getting it to taste just right, AKA a full-bodied coffee with blueberry notes.

wine-infused coffee

Since red wine has more antioxidants than white—and likely tastes better paired with coffee—the companies focused their efforts on that, developing a special house red that is being sold at Napa wineries with hopes of expanding to local bars and cafes. But if you can't make it to the West Coast, you can get them online—although a road trip to wine country (and other cool Cali destinations) would be a lot more fun.

If vino and java aren't your thing, tea is another way to get your antioxidants in—especially if you go for the matcha.

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