Answers to airplane questions you've always wanted to know

Flying brings about a lot of emotions, such as: Dear God, if you make this turbulence stop I promise I'll never *insert pretty much anything here.*

But what exactly is turbulence and are our prayers in vain?

Thanks to Silver Door, a serviced apartments company, we now have answers to questions that have long stumped those who fly the friendly skies.

According to Silver Door, the plane lights dim before landing to help your eyes adjust better to the darkness in case of an emergency.

If you've often wondered why airplane food is so bad, turns out it may be your fault. Apparently cabin pressure can reduce your taste by almost 30%.

If you're curious what the white trail an airplane leaves behind actually is, it's crystallized water.

As for praying in cases of turbulence, it's not necessary. Air streams can cause the plane to drop mid-air, but you're likely not in any real danger.

You're better off praying the crying baby at the gate isn't seated next to you.

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