Why this former Playboy model got her implants removed

Karen McDougal was only in her mid-20s when she posed as Playmate of the Year in 1998.

But two years prior, McDougal decided to go under the knife because "it would make [her] feel more womanly to have bigger breasts," she said to People.

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But the now 45-year-old model is revealing the consequences of breast implants. Many people are not aware of these scary impacts.

7 years after getting surgery, McDougal began getting sick for long periods of time. Allergies and thyroid problems would come and go, but recently, her problems escalated to "blackouts" and "dizzy spells".

It became so bad that she was fearful of passing out in public places and refused to leave her home.

"In October 2016, I was on bed rest. I couldn't drive, I was having panic attacks, I couldn't see. I had hearing sensitivity, I couldn't stand noise, I couldn't tolerate light, I had joint pain, brain fog — the list goes on and on," she said to People.

Despite her increased self esteem, the was surgery was a "stupid" thing to do, she explained.

After speaking with several doctors, McDougal decided to remove her implants. Almost immediately after the "poison" was removed, she noticed a big change -- no blackouts, migraines or pain. "I still have to go through a detox process to get rid of all the toxins in my body, but it's definitely an improvement. I feel like I can actually live and enjoy life now," she said.

Very little is known about Breast Implant Illness, so McDougal wants to make sure these ramifications are advertised and well understood by those contemplating the surgery.

She told People: "If you smoke, you're warned that smoking may cause cancer. If you get implants, why don't they warn us that these are the possibilities of what could happen to you? Let us make that decision."

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