This is why Americans aren't living as long as other countries

Break out the party hats! People around the world should expect to celebrate a few more birthdays!

A study published in The Lancet reports that people are living and enjoying life longer.

Researchers determined South Korea has the longest projected life expectancy of the 35 countries analyzed.

As of 2010, a South Korean woman can expect to live until the age of 84. By 2030, girls born in South Korea should get to toast to their 90th birthday.

Coming in behind South Korea is France. French women are expected to live until they are 88.6 years of age, closely followed by Japan's life projection of 88.4 years.

Americans came in 27th out of the 35 countries used in this study, with women having a projected life expectancy of 83.3 years. By 2030 they are expected to have an increase of only 2.1 years over the 2010 estimates.

Why aren't Americans living as long as their international counterparts? Researchers suggest that a lack of universal health care, greater economic inequality and higher homicide rate are factors. They also warn that obesity and other health risks "may halt or even reverse" Americans' chances for a longer life span.

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