Finland's first dog has an incredible smile

Since President Donald Trump has no pets and Bo and Sunny have moved out of the White House, there's been a deficit of political pups in the lives of Americans.

Luckily, just across the pond, there's a bright star rising for fans of famous dogs -- Finnish President Sauli Niinistö's furry friend, Lennu.

According to the Finnish outlet Yle Uutiset, the five-year-old Boston terrier has made quite a few public appearances recently.

He has a knack for getting cameras to turn away from President Niinistö' to his own hilarious antics.

Once a tweet about Lennu went viral, people started desperately searching for more photos of the pup. The internet delivered.

Finland's president has a pretty interesting story, himself. He survived the tsunami in Thailand in 2004. If he mimics his pup's goofy smile, maybe he'll become the same kind of internet sensation!

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