Jonathan Cheban body-shamed a blogger after she criticized him for wearing fur


You probably know him from KUWTK, but it's not his friendship with Kim Kardashian that has everyone talking today. Nope, the Internet is buzzing now about how Jonathan Cheban body-shamed a blogger on Instagram. Well, he didn't just go after her body; he criticized how she looks completely—and she's not staying quiet about it.

Nancy Sidley runs the Sophisticated Vegan blog with her twin sister Stephanie. The duo are activists for animal rights, even going so far as to take to Instagram to call out celebrities including Scarlett Johansson and, yes, Kim Kardashian, for wearing fur. Recently, Nancy commented on Cheban's own Insta account with "#furhag," obviously criticizing him for wearing fur, too. Cheban fought back—hard. According to the blogger, Cheban wrote on the Sophisticated Vegan account: "Worst looking vegan alive. If thats [sic] vegan give me beef!!!," and "Huge chin," as well as "Wrinles [sic]" and "get some lips."

Nancy compiled the comments in a post, writing: "@jonathancheban trolled my IG to tell me, I'm ugly for wearing glasses, I need lip injections, I need a chin implant, I'm the worst looking vegan alive and I'm fat. If I'm all those things, maybe he should be the one wearing glasses? I can't believe @kimkardashian is BFF's with this guy?...People need to call this guy out on body shaming. We are all beautiful just the way we are." Cheban apparently then made his account private. (It's back to being public, now.)

Fans of Kardashian have commented saying that Cheban is not "part of the Kardashian brand" and not to bring Kim into this controversy. Cheban has not commented recently, but it is his birthday today.

Scroll through to see Kim's style evolution:

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