People are losing their minds about what they found in their Chipotle bowls

If you've ever eaten at Chipotle, then you know how many different types of food goes into one of their bowls. Rice, vegetables, meats, guacamole, cheese and chips -- it's basically a colorful bowl of heaven. But even for the seasoned Chipotle customers, nothing could prepare them for finding one unwanted leaf.

Chipotle customers keep finding bay leaves in their rice bowls and they are not happy about it.

Little do they know that the "large leaf from outside" is a bay leaf and is used for seasoning and flavor. But that's not stopping them from taking digs at Chipotle and panicking about the leaf.

Chipotle customers find bay leaves
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Chipotle customers find bay leaves
@ChipotleTweets Look what I found in my Chipotle. A REAL leaf...still not gonna stop me from eating here though❤️
Just found this leaf in my chipotle...? Is this normal @ChipotleTweets ?
Just found a leaf from an oak tree in my chipotle
Kinda curious how I found this full leaf in my bowl from chipotle 😳
The dreaded chipotle leaf has made its way to my bowl @ChipotleTweets
white people: hey chipotle there's a leaf in my burrito chipotle: it's a bay leaf. it's a spice. white people:
Thank you @ChipotleTweets for the leaf in my burrito. Yum
@ChipotleTweets Thank you for the leaf. Just what I wanted. #WONTCOMEBACK #GOBILLS
Kinda curious how I found this full leaf in my bowl from chipotle 😳
I just found a whole ass leaf in my chipotle wtf🤢
@nadiasophia__ got a leaf in her bowl from chipotle....

The fast food company even responded to some of their anxious customers and were very apologetic.

We get it. Bay leaves are not appetizing to eat or look at. But then again, a lot of people have seen a bay leaf before.

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