Freaky reason you keep dreaming about your teeth falling out

As far as dreams go, dreaming of teeth falling out is easily one of the freakiest. Maybe it's one tooth, maybe it's a whole row -- either way, it's a very off-putting sensation. You wake up and quickly run your tongue over your gums to make sure that your teeth, in fact, are still intact.

While unsettling, this imagery may offer valuable insight towards one's habits, limitations and personality. According to Jungian psychotherapist Richard Nicoletti, dreams about teeth falling out can indicate many things.

"It could mean that the dreamer's ability to assess emotional experiences was being interfered with," he said to the Huffington Post.

Nicoletti suggests that the type of teeth falling out is also imperative to dream interpretation. Is it gold or silver? The more valuable the tooth, the more troublesome the problem. A "gold tooth falling out might be some reflection that one's life path was being detoured — a reflection of one not fulfilling one's destiny, in the sense that a person is meant to fulfill one's capability," he said.

Nicoletti offered other examples: "When the teeth fall out, one's survival is challenged, one's ability to eat, so it could mean disease. If it's a person other than the dreamer whose teeth are falling out, the dreamer may have an issue with the person, who may be a superior at work, for example. The dream may indicate that the fear of the person in waking life is overstated."

He suggests digging into recent and troubling experiences that may be influencing this imagery. Nicoletti advises the dreamer to "live freely" and reflectively.

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