A 'truck stop' like cafe in France mistakenly awarded Michelin Star


Some foie gras for your homemade lasagna?

That's what happened to patrons running to make reservations at the new Michelin star restaurant Bouche a Oreille.

Only once they arrived, the Telegraph reported, customers along with reporters and TV crews found plastic tablecloths and a $12 euro prix fixe lunch.

The roadside cafe in the small French town Bourges was accidentally awarded the Michelin star when the company confused the little cafe with a more upscale restaurant near Paris by the same name.

The mistake was corrected on the Web site within a week and Michelin Guide France quickly apologized on Twitter, but it caused quite the confusion amongst patrons and a good laugh between the chefs.

The restaurant's chef told the Telegraph, "it was a little boo-boo that caused no harm and was corrected," and he reportedly invited the cafe staff for dinner.

Thank goodness. A beef and black truffle food fight would be such a waste of 50 bucks. although it would leave a highway of leftovers.

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