Joyful 92-year-old woman serves as bridesmaid at her granddaughter's wedding

For every terrible story on the news, there is also a heartwarming one unfolding somewhere in the world. This is one of the heartwarming ones.

Redditor rachelamandamay made the entire internet melt when she shared this photo from her wedding.

At 92 years young, my granny was the most beautiful bridesmaid! I am so fortunate! from happy

"I say 92 years young because she swims one mile/week, line dances and still owns and maintains her own home," she stated in the comments of the post.

This beautiful bride has a very close relationship with her grandmother. She also shared in a comment how she took her grandmother out on Valentine's Day to celebrate what would have been 67 years with her grandfather.

What a fantastic, beautiful moment. The world needs more of these right now.

Mashable have reached out to the bride for comment.

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