Man mistaken for Sisqo gets VIP treatment at New York Fashion Week

By: Troy Frisby

Fashion week brings out the biggest names in fashion, such as Anna Wintour, Gigi Hadid and even Sisqo! Well, kind of.

Page Six claims a Sisqo look-alike rocked New York Fashion Week, using his pretend celebrity to sit front row at shows and attend fashion parties.

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Sisqo Lite was finally called out as a fake when he supposedly tried to get on a private jet on its way to the Caribbean.

One insider told Page Six, "this guy was 13 when Sisqó's 'Thong Song' came out in 2000."

The Sisqo impersonator is apparently just some dude named Gavin. He denied posing as the four-time Grammy nominee, telling the site that people just *thought* he was the singer.

The biggest mystery is how Sisqo, real or not, still has enough clout to sit front row at New York Fashion Week.

I suppose you never know what doors a duet with Marie Osmond will open.