Make-up company Colourpop accused of Photoshopping white hand to be black

The cosmetic company Colourpop is known for its vibrant products for an affordable price. Now, though, they're being called out for an apparent Photoshop job.

Instagram account Cocoa Swatches, which features make-up swatches on people of color, pointed out that one of Colourpop's photos looked off:

"Photoshop job gone wrong," they said. "This is deception."

Looking at the photo, the arm appears to be edited to look black, but is actually white.

"With all the $$ [money] they are making," Cocoa Swatches continued, "they couldn't find someone to hire with a dark arm."

Twitter user @sketti shared the photo as well:

"These are the lengths companies have to go because they can't hire black models," they said.

Colourpop has since deleted the image off their social media. As of Friday, they have not released a statement. reached out to CoulorPop representatives for comment.

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