Drinking coffee could extend your life


People often like to tell coffee drinkers that drinking a cup of Joe or two a day is still a vice.

But, if you're a member of the I-love-coffee club, you can tell those people that, unlike smoking and drinking, consuming caffeine has been shown to extend life.

New research from Stanford's School of Medicine may have figured out why this is.

The study, published in Nature Medicine, claims caffeine may be able to stave off chronic inflammation, which the lead author says is associated with "more than 90% of all noncommunicable diseases of aging."

The study of more than 100 subjects suggests caffeine may help fight it.

Researchers studied participants' blood for caffeine and its metabolites, which are found in tea and chocolate as well.

Those who consumed more caffeine tended to fall into the "low" group for the activation of inflammatory gene clusters.

The "low" group was also 8 times as likely to have a minimum of one close relative to live to age 90 than those in the "high" group.

Which is good, because there's no way you can make it to 90 years without a cup of coffee!

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