Adorable photo of family of twins goes viral

The bond between twins is pretty adorable, but what about the bonds between two sets of twins? Double the cuteness!

Stay-at-home mom and professional photographer Juliet Cannici, 35, of West on Jade Photography, captured the precious relationship among her multiples.

Newborn twins Gia and Gemma snuggled up to their toddler siblings, Nico and Siena in a series of photos:

"I posted the photo as my cover photo on Facebook the day I took it, as well as on my business Instagram page, and from there it just took off," Juliet told TODAY.

The photographer and her wife Nikki Cannici, 34, took the photos on Feb. 5, just days after welcoming Gia and Gemma to the world.

"I had the older twins dressed up in adorable outfits I rented... I was so set on capturing Nico and Siena holding the babies in those outfits," Juliet said.

"Nico and Siena were so bored with me, the photos looked terrible. I took them out of their fancy rental clothes and let them play for a bit, then brought them back into the studio for another attempt."

The second try went beautifully.

"I got their big smiles by asking them to 'act goofy' which they recently decided is just a hilarious saying. We will cherish that photo forever," she said.

Juliet and Nikki have been married for over 10 years, and at first, they had trouble conceiving. They had the first set of twins through IVF using two embryos.

For their second set of twins, they only used one embryo -- but they still had twins! They told TODAY they were shocked when they found out.

Through there will surely be more adorable family photoshoots soon, Juliet said the best thing about all the attention they are getting is the spotlight that LGBT families like hers are receiving.