NYFW: Delpozo gives us a taste of art history for Fall 2017

Delpozo's Fall/Winter 2017 collection premiered as one of the last shows of New York Fashion Week. And it was quite an artful collection.

Creative director Josep Font took the Spanish label to new heights with this incredible ready-to-wear creation.

Font's background in architecture has undoubtedly informed his structural style. This new line is seemingly all about shape, blocking and design. Models donned an interesting combination of form-fitting leggings and tight sweaters, topped with loose wool and oversized coats. The shapes were differentiated with offsetting, bolder colors, which helped the audience identify with the individual parts of the collection. Max Bill, Swiss architect and sculpturist, was a point of interest for Font. The soft but interesting cuts of the designs reflected of Bill's style.

The color of the collection was influenced by the Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai, an avant-garde artist from primarily late 1890 France. Inspired by the painter's simple use of complex hues and colors, Delpozo's new line employs dark but calm colors such as navy, dark green and deep burgundy.

The final look of Delpozo was the highlight of his show. A model, dressed in a awe-inspiring burgundy gown, held the crowd in the final walk. The bottom of the dress was created with layers of sheer silk tulle. Pops of color -- pinks, blues and yellows -- decorated the bodice in a lighthearted but simple design.

Scroll through to see all of Delpozo's looks: