The national co-chairs of the Women's March on Washington spoke at Mara Hoffman's show during NYFW

This past week, designers showed much more than their talent at NYFW. In today's shaky political climate, creators decided to utilize fashion week as a way to send messages to the public. Mara Hoffman was one of those designers.

Hoffman set the tone of the show before the models even took the stage. She invited the co-chairs of the Women's March on Washington to open her Fall 2017 line. Tamika D. Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Bob Bland and Carmen Perez all stood on the runway, fists in the air, ready to share their stories. "We work peacefully while recognizing that there is no true peace until there is justice and equity for all. Hear our voice," Mallory said.

Women of all backgrounds, ages and identities walked Hoffman's show. But they were more than just models -- some were contemporary dancers, and in a swift leap or body bend, resonated with Hoffman's message. Her designs, which incorporated different bright colors, plaids and ruffles, moved along with the dancers.

Even the smallest details went into maintaining a sense of diversity. "Everyone is individual, so it's all about diversity and a natural vibe for all girls," said Joseph DiMaggio about the beauty looks for the show.

"I was inspired to do a show and use it as a microphone for something bigger. These women just pulled off the biggest human rights protest in the history of the country. The subject matter is a little heavy, but now's the time to talk about it," Hoffman explained.

Scroll through to see all the looks from Mara Hoffman: