64-year-old woman in Spain gives birth to twins

For many in their 60s, the years of having babies are something of the past.

That is not the case for a 64-year-old woman in Spain who gave birth to twins on Tuesday, reports Metro.

They were delivered at Burgos' Recoletas Hospital via C-section, which is often done in the cases of pregnancies that are considered atypical.

The newborns, a boy and a girl, have been described as healthy and weigh in at roughly 5 pounds each, according to the BBC.

The woman, whose name has not been released, became pregnant after receiving IVF treatment in the United States.

Upon learning it had been a success, she returned to her home country.

Said a spokesperson for the hospital, "This is an exceptional case not only for the region, but also for Spain, given the fact that she's one of the few women aged more than 58 who has managed to successfully complete her pregnancy with twins."

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