The truth about the weird liquid in your yogurt revealed

Listen up yogurt fans: the truth about yogurt has been revealed!

The liquid that forms and rests on top of yogurt freaks most people out, but it's actually good for you and should not be poured out.

Even yogurt lovers took to Twitter to express their confusion and disgust of the mysterious liquid:

"@ShelleyCumings the weird liquid that's there when you open yogurt is the worst thing you could wish upon someone"

"@Fridays_Child Serious question: When there's layer of water on top of your yogurt, are you supposed to pour it out or stir it in?"

For the longest time, we've all been confused about it and wondered what it was.

Turns out, this mysterious liquid has a name.

It is called Whey, the liquid that remains after milk has been curdled and strained.

Whey naturally separates and stays on top of the yogurt.

The liquid has protein and a sour taste.

Cooking Light suggests that instead of pouring it out, you should mix Whey in with the rest of the yogurt. Mixing it in also makes the yogurt creamier.

So fear no more, because now you know that liquid in your yogurt is your friend with health benefits!

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