Karlie Kloss says she's 'truly sorry' for 'insensitive' photo shoot for Vogue

When the March cover of Vogue's diversity issue was unveiled last week, people cried foul, insisting there was actually a lack of diversity among the seven cover stars. Among the models -- many of whom have since been referred to as "the most overused, most conventional-looking models" -- were Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Ashley Graham.

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The backlash continued this week with readers calling Vogue and model Karlie Kloss out for a photo spread of Kloss dressed as a Japanese geisha. In an issue that was created to celebrate and promote diversity, the decision to opt against a Japanese woman for the photo shoot is boggling minds.

Kloss now agrees, and she took to Twitter Wednesday to apologize for participating. Read her full statement below:

We'll report back if Vogue comments on the controversy.

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