From eating a chicken wing to cleaning the blender, lifestyle expert shows how it's done

Whether it's eating food or handling everyday items, sometimes there's a right way and a wrong way. If you fall in the latter category, Inside Edition has some life-changing hacks to help you.

Could you be eating chicken wings all wrong?

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Lifestyle expert Brittany Levine showed Inside Edition the proper way to eat the tailgate favorite.

Levine says to find the "fatty side" of the wing and "wiggle the bones outside the wing." With a little wiggling, the bones should come right out with no meat on them.

Take the side with all of the meat on it and dip it in bleu cheese before devouring.

There is even a correct way to eat a BLT sandwich that you may not know about.

"First, cut the bacon in half. Then weave the pieces together," Levine said.

From there, pile on the lettuce and tomato. Doing it this way ensures there is an even amount of bacon in every bite.

If you reheat your food by piling it on one dish and putting it in the microwave, then you are wrong.

Levine advised to place your food around the bowl in a circle so that it heats up evenly.

And cleaning a blender can be a pain and often a dangerous task if done incorrectly.

Instead of sticking your hand in the blender and risk getting cut, she says to take a little bit of dish soap, a little bit of hot water and run the blender normally. It will clean the device completely.

Putting keys on a keychain can not only be difficult, it can result in a broken fingernail.

Levine said the trick is to grab a staple remover and "all you do is put it in at the end, slide it right through, open it up and then you can just slide your key on."

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Another item that you could be utilizing in the wrong way are earbuds.

"You're supposed to wrap them around your ears then put them into your ear," she told Inside Edition.

Doing so ensures "they will not fall out — they are not going to be weighed down."

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