Animal shelter makes 'The Bachelor' parody to get their dogs adopted

By: Sean Dowling, Buzz60

Admit it. You watch every episode of 'The Bachelor' because of the hunky guy, even though sometimes he can end up being a total dog.

An animal shelter in New Mexico has now brilliantly combined those two ideas.

They've made a 'Bachelor' parody video to help adopt dogs.

Scroll through to see more adorable pups:

Meet Stewart, an adorable pup who clearly enjoys licking faces at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society. If you tune-in to "The Bachelor", the animal shelter's parody video is pretty spot on.

Staffers say they wanted to do something fun to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Most of the actresses in the video actually work at the shelter. The parody is a clever, fun way to get more people in the door and adopting available dogs.

The shelter has anywhere from 75 to 100 animals ready to be adopted each day.

With the big kisses Stewart gives, he likely won't be a bachelor for long!