Study finds eating less may slow down aging

There is no shortage of products that make people look younger, but solutions to slowing aging at a cellular level have been a bit more elusive.

Researchers led by John Price of Brigham Young University may have found a very simple fix – just eat less.

Thus far the method has proven rather successful in mice.

According to the team, it comes down to ribosomes, the cellular components that make protein.

However, the more time they spend producing, the less time they have for self-repair.

A damaged, sub-par ribosome simply can't perform at optimal levels, and, ultimately, both the cells and the functioning of the body will suffer.

In experiments conducted on mice, the researchers learned that cutting back on calories gives the ribosome the regenerative time it so desperately needs.

Of the 2 test rodent groups, one got to eat whatever they wanted while the other was fed a calorie-conscious yet nutrient-rich diet.

Later analysis revealed the mice that had consumed less were doing a far better job at beating back the ravages of time.

Said Price, "The calorie-restricted mice are more energetic and suffered fewer diseases...because they're better at maintaining their bodies, they're younger for longer as well."

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