Man and woman fall in love while waiting for heart transplants

FACTORYVILLE (WNEP) -- The love story between Leslie Sorg and Jeffrey Crass first began back in 2013 when they shared a hallway together in the hospital, both awaiting heart transplants. Years later, they're both healthy and in love, and they believe more and more each day that fate really has brought them together.

In and out of the hospital for months and always seeming to cross paths, Leslie and Jeffrey hit it off immediately.

"So when did you first realize you loved me? I want to know that answer, too!" Leslie asked Jeffrey as they held hands on the couch of their Factoryville home.

"I loved you for a long time. You were just so caring," Jeffrey responded.

It wasn't until the day after Leslie's heart transplant in 2014 that the two got really close.

"Two doors down was Jeff, and I looked in the room and said, 'You stalker!' and we just became friends," Leslie said, cracking up.

Fast forward about a year. The two still stayed in touch and met up for dinner every once in a while. Eventually, Leslie asked Jeffrey out on a real date in May 2015.

"The day before we were supposed to go, he called me and canceled. I was like, 'What?' And he goes, 'I got a heart!' And I was like, 'Oh, yeah, what an excuse!'" Leslie said jokingly.

Now, both have new hearts and are happily living together in their home in Wyoming County. They still can't believe their story is real life, and that they found each other how and when they did.

"It's easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day life and routine, and sometimes we forget how fortunate we are, and that's why we're very lucky to have each other to keep each other grounded," Jeffrey explained.

Tuesday is Valentine's Day and National Organ Donation Day. Leslie and Jeffrey are passionate about spreading the message of the importance of becoming an organ donor.

"If we could get just one person, one person to be an organ donor because of this story, we save eight people," Leslie said. She says that is why they want to share their story. "You can take a horrible time, and make it a great time for someone else, and the gift is something, that's the greatest gift you can honestly give. I've never gotten a gift as great as this," she added.

Leslie is from Delaware and still has family there. She visits them twice a month. Jeffrey is continuing to run his business. They are involved with the Gift of Life and are representing the foundation in the Scranton St. Patrick's Parade in March. They also have a team participating in the Donor Dash race in Philadelphia in April.To become an organ donor, click

To become an organ donor, click here to register.

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