Woman gets engaged to delivery man who brought her dog halfway across the country


If the thought of receiving an extra side of bread with your Seamless order thrills you, then get this -- one California woman ended up with a fiancé after a delivery gone very right.

A woman named Jothi recently moved from San Francisco, California, to Illinois for a temporary 6-week position — but, as any pet parent would, she immediately grew home sick for her beloved dog, Roxy.

Jothi said she remembered reading about a company called Roadie, which offers safe and convenient 'pet shipping,' on the Wall Street Journal.

Happy to find an affordable and quick way to bring Roxy to her, Jothi posted a listing on the site and hoped for the best.

Jothi says she was drawn to select a man named Mack as her driver after viewing his previous Roadie experience and "thinking his profile was really cute."

After the arrangement was made, Mack, who was on his way to New York from California, picked up Roxy and brought her to her mom in Illinois.

Once he got there, however, his game plan slightly changed -- him and Jothi ended up going out to dinner together, and the two stayed in touch even after he continued on to New York.

Mack even went out of his way on the way back from the Big Apple to stop in Illinois and spend more time with her.

They pair quickly fell in love, sending calls, texts and flowers back and forth until, finally, Jothi moved back home to California and the couple decided to move in together.

Just in case you didn't think this modern-day romance could be any more of a whirlwind, this past Saturday — over Valentine's Day weekend — Mack proposed.

Naturally, Jothi said yes.

See photos of the happy couple:

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