Sutton Foster jokes about what everyone 'complains' about on the set of 'Younger'

Sutton Foster teams up with Amopé
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Sutton Foster teams up with Amopé

Sutton Foster is undeniably a chameleon. She's won TV audiences over as a 40-year-old woman pretending to be 26 on TVLand's "Younger" and has been captivating Broadway fans for years, most recently with her Off-Broadway run in "Sweet Charity." In other words, she's on her feet -- a lot (I mean, have you seen her tap number in "Anything Goes"?).

When I met up with Foster in Amopé's ShoeLove Fashion Truck on a (really) rainy day in New York City right before the start of New York Fashion Week, she was donning super high heels -- and I was impressed. As it turns out, much like her "Younger" character, the singer and actress had a secret -- and it was hiding in her shoes, making them oh-so-much-more comfortable.

The answer? Amopé GelActiv Insoles & Inserts. The products use ultra-thin gel technology to relieve pressure, so on-the-go women -- like Foster -- can feel confident and comfortable in their heels all day long.

If you're in New York City, the Amopé ShoeLove Fashion Truck will be driving around until Thursday, February 16. Women who drop by will be able to try the Amopé GelActiv Insoles & Inserts for themselves -- and they'll particularly come in handy for the busy ladies who are running to and from fashion shows all week.

To learn a bit more, check out my conversation with Sutton Foster below:

Tell me a little bit about why you wanted to get involved with Amopé and why you're excited about this particular product.

Well, anything that's going to make a designer shoe or a high heel shoe more comfortable ...

I was going to say, ambitious shoe choice in the rain today!

I know, I know! That's why, they got me some other shoes.

What's cool about this new line, the GelActiv line, is that they're custom for different types of shoes -- [an] everyday heel, extreme heel (which is what I used to really support the ball of your foot, the arch), and then they have them for flats and for open-toed [shoes] too.

That's what I need. Flats kill my feet -- more than heels!

That's what a lot of people say! I wear support for my workout shoes but then I have no support for any other shoe. For flats too, you go from a tennis shoe and then you go to a flat, and you have nothing. So [GelActiv] is kind of cool -- and they're super thin. It seems like a little secret weapon.

Has there been a day of work -- either on set or on stage -- that you wish you had this?

Oh, definitely! Especially, I will say, doing "Younger" -- because we are often in either super high heels or fashion-y shoes -- and we're on our feet for a long-ass time, there are certain shoes where I'll be like, "I can't wear them!" I feel like all the pressure goes on the ball. So I've already begged that we get some [GelActiv] for next season, because we all complain about it.

Then we have these comfort shoes [on set]. Once they get a wide shot and they get the shoe and they move in, we're either standing on a box, or we had these giant platform flip-flops that we were wearing last season, which was ridiculous. So now I feel like we'll be able to at least last a little bit longer in our shoes.

Did you always wear heels when you were younger?

I wear more flats, because I'm so tall -- but I'll wear heels for events and for press stuff and for going out. Sometimes, too, when you're in New York City, unless you take a cab or a car, you don't even want to walk, so then I'll opt for a more sensible shoe. But even those, getting two blocks to the subway can hurt. That's another reason why I love these [GelActiv], because they're no-slip, which helps.

You also just finished "Sweet Charity" Off-Broadway. What's your best memory from that?

[My] best memory was that I shared a dressing room with two of the other ladies, and we became really close. It was just this really great bonding experience of three strong women. So much was happening while the show was opening, and it was just really cool to have camaraderie and support. They've become two of my new great friends.

When do you start filming "Younger" again?

We start [in] April. [The break] has been really nice. [I] took a little bit of vacation, doing some concerts, sort of bouncing around a little bit -- but mostly just trying to rest as much as I can.

Where did you go on vacation?

The day after "Sweet Charity" closed, we went to Disney World for three days. It was really fun. And then we went to Key West. I had never been, and that was awesome. Then I just went to Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires.

Do you have any other upcoming projects?

[I'm] just doing concerts -- a lot of symphony. I'll be with the Rochester Symphony this weekend and the Cincinnati Pops at the end of February. I'm singing at Lincoln Center in April and then the Atlanta Symphony at the end of April. I'm trying to take a break! But it's pretty great. I love to stay busy, and I really love performing live, so it's really great to fold that in especially when we start filming ["Younger"] again.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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