Following this color code will help you find makeup perfect for your face

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

The power of red lipstick goes deep, making anyone who wears it feel sexy and empowered. That is unless the red is too dark, or too orange, or misses that pink hue your skin tone needs.

As The Daily Mail reports, beauty expert Lisa Franklin advises that the first step in wearing the right makeup colors is to determine if your skin tone is warm or cold.

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If yellow-based foundations blend well with your skin, you're warm. If pink-based foundation does the trick, you're cold.

For warm tones, experts advise to stick with fall colors on the eyes and browns and taupe shades for the cheeks -- and definitely rock a bright red or orange lip. For cool tones, stick with peach or berry colors for the lips and neutrals for the eyes.

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Your eye color also takes out the color guesswork for you.

Blue eyes? Rock metallics. Green eyes look great with lilac and lavender. Hazel-eyed people should play up their green tones with turquoise, and experts say for brown eyes -- well, anything goes.