Image hovering above teenager in picture leaves her horrified

Disclaimer: Explicit imagery and language below.

High school senior Alexis Boatfield got all glammed up to take her senior picture. She sat smiling and posing in front of a colorful and decorated graffiti wall.

It wasn't until the senior photo was selected and printed that Alexis noticed something wrong. Above her head hovered an eerily inapropriate image. Alexis took to Twitter to express her surprise.

Social media came to Alexis' defense. Some helped her photoshop out the drawing, while others are coming forward to relay similar experiences -- they were all photobombed too!

Twitter shares Alexis' embarrassment:

Inappropriate senior picture photobombs
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Inappropriate senior picture photobombs
oh so no one was gonna tell me there was a big ass penis behind my head for my senior pictures???
@alexisboatfield never forget @trever_matson 😂😂
@alexisboatfield I can relate...the word porno was in one of my senior pics😅
@alexisboatfield i can relate, my hand is on one in mine 😂😅
@alexisboatfield neither did I
@alexisboatfield relatable
@alexisboatfield girl me too
@alexisboatfield don't worry girl. I have one coming out of me
@alexisboatfield I had one in the background of mine 🙂😂
@SamMari3 @alexisboatfield 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "im sorry you're beautiful but there's a penis"
@alexisboatfield can relate. I was trying to take a cool picture when all my friends were like "wait" mid pic 😂
@alexisboatfield read closely
@alexisboatfield Same af
@alexisboatfield Here's a good one from years ago when I was just starting out with photography & used to take frie…
@alexisboatfield I can relate
@alexisboatfield my hoco pic has 666 in the background 😂
@alexisboatfield top right had a penis but photoshop does wonders! I feel all photographer should learn it. for tho…
!!! @alexisboatfield ugh i feel u i have jesus in mine

Alexis' hilarious and unfortunate story is going viral. In only three days, it's gotten nearly 300,000 likes and 50,000 retweets. People still can't figure out how aloof Alexis and the photographer were, but we're calling her the next big meme.

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