This mattress could be your key to better sleep

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A bad night of sleep can be the result of a multitude of factors: stress, body aches, noise, etc. One extremely common cause is a bad mattress. A bad mattress not only keeps you from your beauty sleep, it can cause pain and bodily injury that will last all day (or for years to come).

What can you do? Bring home the Nomad Bed. This life-changing mattress is made with advanced memory foam that conforms to your body in order to relieve pressure points and align your spine. Not too soft, not too hard, this bed will help anyone sleep better.

This bed is even CertiPur-US certified, meaning it keeps you cool throughout the night. If you've been waiting to buy a Nomad, but have scoffed at the $2,000+ price tag - you're about to be in luck. You can purchase one starting at just $670.00 in the Shop on AOL!

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