Teenager's viral photo reveals the truth about clothing size


Shopping for clothes can be a nightmare, especially because sizes vary from store to store. One teenager called out this annoyance, and the internet took notice.

English woman Lucy Horsley shared a photo of two pairs of jeans of two different sizes. One is from U.K. brand River Island and a size 18; the other is from U.K. brand New Look and a size 14:

The size 18 appears smaller than the size 14.

"How on earth can the bigger size be smaller," Horsley inquired. "No wonder so many girls have confidence issues and hate buying new clothes, why can't the sizing be the same in every shop?"

Horsley's post went viral, generating thousands of shares and comments. She spoke to the Daily Mail about the photo and sizing woes.

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She said she tried on her usual size, 14, at River Island but had to size up to 18. "I found it odd though how all my other trousers, jeans, leggings etc. are a size 14 yet these were an 18," she told Daily Mail.

She realized, though, that it had nothing to do with her body but with the brands. "I was so shocked by the difference, it's disgraceful," she commented.

"I know people say it doesn't matter what it says on the label," she continued, "but to a lot of women it does and I feel I can speak on behalf of the majority of women, that sizing does matter and has a huge influence on your confidence and self esteem."

The response Horsley received made her realize she's not alone. She was comforted that her post has impacted other women and made them realize, too, that there's nothing wrong with their bodies.