Inside Meghan Markle's lovely Toronto home: Her modern, bright aesthetic


Meghan Markle, actress, activist and girlfriend of Britain's Prince Harry, has a classic, modern interior design aesthetic when it comes to her gorgeous home in Toronto. But are you really surprised that this stylish lady has a stylish home?

Based on tidbits she's shared with fans on Instagram, she has a love for fine art, fresh flowers, crisp white furniture and colorful accents. And Diptyque candles because ... duh.

Having her home be (nearly) entirely white might seem a little risky given that she also has two adorable dogs -- Bogart and Guy -- but she seems to keep it in tip top shape. That or those two cuties are very well behaved.

She clearly has a taste for fine art with two different artists given prominent placement in her home -- a Gray Malin bird's eye view print in her living room, and a figure study watercolor by New York artist Inslee Fariss in her guest room. Decorating her space with pops of color to accent the white, she also loves fresh flowers and grows her own hydrangeas. It seems pretty common for her to snip some hydrangeas from her backyard to decorate the house -- or bring home peonies when she wants a pop of color (or just to treat herself!).

So if she someday moves into Kensington Palace, is this how she would redecorate the space? Adding a little white to the interiors would definitely brighten up the space, especially since it's likely in full bachelor-pad-mode right now with Harry living there alone.

Clearly a fashionista, she would need a closet similar to what she has now... just wait until you see her "sick day project" -- aka reorganizing her insanely gorgeous shoe collection. Somehow we think if the Palace is where she winds up, she'll be just fine.

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