Chocolate Labrador gives birth to green puppy named Fifi, after princess Fiona from 'Shrek'


Imagine the shock on this U.K. woman's face when her chocolate labrador gave birth to a green puppy.

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Elaine Cooper, of Chorley, Manchester, told she and her husband were shocked when their 2-year-old dog, Milly, gave birth to a green pup, in addition to four more golden puppies.

"We'd never heard of it before and couldn't believe our eyes," Cooper said. "We thought it was a black labrador at first when it was in the sack. Then when she licked the placenta off, the pup looked emerald green."

They later named the green puppy Fifi, after Princess Fiona, from Shrek.

See photos of Fifi and her siblings:

According to SWNS, the green tint to her fur is due to an overexposure of biliverdin, a substance found in the placenta.

In addition to being the only green pup of the litter, Fifi is also the only female, and the smallest of the pack.

"At first, her brothers beat her to the milk, but she's bossing them around now," Cooper joked.

She explained the green tint faded to a paler green color once they cleaned her off, and the color will continue to fade over the next few weeks until she looks more like her brothers, Gizmo, Ghost, Bear and Rover.

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Cooper explained Rover, who was born last, was named after her husband's car. They were rushing Milly to the veterinarian after she had a hard time birthing the final pup, and on their way home, Rover was born in the backseat of the car.

"They're all doing excellent," she said.

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