Your fury over loud chewing noises may be a sign of a disorder

By: Troy Frisby, Buzz60

Some people really can't handle noisy eaters, and it's not just because slurping your soup is considered bad manners.

It may be a sign of an actual disorder known as misophonia.

Researchers at UK's Newcastle University published a study in Current Biology, which shows people with misophonia are triggered emotionally by the sounds of chewing, loud breathing and even pen clicking.

Based on brain imaging, researchers claim patients with misophonia have "a different connectivity pattern to the frontal lobe."

When they hear these trigger sounds, it can send the brain into overdrive and result in a "fight or flight" reaction, potentially resulting in increased heart rate and sweating, among other physical responses.

In a university press release, researchers said they hope their evidence will convince the medical community that misophonia is a "genuine disorder."

They also hope it will lead to the development of methods for treating misophonia, including therapy.

So the next time someone asks you politely not to grind your fork and knife at the dinner table, maybe just, you know, don't.

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