Trump dress code sparks outrage from women

This week, a source told online publication Axios that President Trump is obsessed with his employees' appearances. He apparently has set rules and requirements for those who are front facing. The "source" said that Trump wants "women to dress like women," and that women have felt pressured to wear dresses in his presence.

That's not all; apparently the president also scrutinizes men's appearances. Supposedly, if you're seen in public with Trump, "you need to have a certain look." That means that employees need to dress "sharp."

The rumors, especially about women's dress code, have caused outrage on social media. A new hashtag, #dresslikeawoman, emerged as Twitter users spoke against Trump's alleged preference for dresses. They assert that there is no one way to "dress like a woman," and a woman does not need to be dressed femininely.

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#DressLikeAWoman social reactions
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#DressLikeAWoman social reactions
A handy guide on how to #dresslikeawoman: 1. Identify as a woman. 2 Get dressed.
Bring your baby. Teach her to vote. Teach her to govern. Dress like Licia Ronzulli in European Parliment.…
@realDonaldTrump Here I am, dressed like a woman, because I'm a woman wearing clothes. #dresslikeawoman
I #DressLikeAWoman. Do you think Trump would approve? I'm thinking not.
Senator Tammy Duckworth knows how to #DRESSLIKEAWOMAN
#DressLikeAWoman Michelle J. Howard. First African-American woman to command a US Navy ship.
That's me on the left wearing my favorite outfit #DressLikeAWoman
Yes, I'm doing an autopsy wearing pearls. #DressLikeAWoman
My late mother, Patricia Stephens Due, arrested during a civil rights demonstration in Florida in 1963.…
Me when @realDonaldTrump says #DressLikeAWoman .
Me & my son; he's dressed like a man & I am dressed like a woman. In case you couldn't tell. #DressLikeAWoman

Women with an array of professions -- from soldiers, to doctors, to athletes -- have responded with photos of them in outfits that are far from dresses. The hashtag has generated thousands of tweets from those who oppose Trump's apparent dress code.

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