Chips, soup, and gingerbread men: A look at the go-to meals of 12 American presidents

He boards his Boeing 757-200 with buckets of KFC, crows about the virtues of McDonald's fried-fish sandwiches at town halls, and believes formal state dinners should be replaced with politicians "eating a hamburger on a conference table," so it's not wildly out of character for President Donald Trumpto request the White House kitchen be stocked with his favorite munchies, including the unofficial edible mascot of trans-fat-worshipping Americana: Lay's potato chips.

It seems Trump's approach to eating, like everything else he does, is first and foremost reliant on speed rather than enjoyment. It's just as difficult to picture a guy like him languishing over a long meal as it is imagining him getting excited to try a new restaurant—not that any would compare to Trump Grill, obviously.

Still, he's not alone in his love for junk food among men of power. Plenty of past presidents have famously snacked on fatty, sugary, and highly processed foods. Even goody-two-shoes Obama, who Michelle joked ate exactly seven salted almonds a night, found God (or at least some short-lived pleasure) in Fran's Chocolates' Smoked Salt Caramels.

Because the contents of people's gullets actually say quite a bit about who they are in life, take a look at this list of the preferred snack foods of 12 American presidents.

Read on, and try not to long for the golden days of 1801, when the proverbial White House was lit, thanks to Thomas Jefferson's standing as a (very) enthusiastic wine swiller:

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