Trump's longtime doctor offers an explanation for what's going on with his hair


Trump's longtime doctor, Harold N. Bornstein, revealed some surprising facts about the president's health in a series of interviews with The New York Times.

He even shed some light on the president's hair. According to Bornstein, Trump takes a drug for the prevention of hair loss, called finasteride (marketed as Propecia).

"He has all his hair," Bornstein told the Times.

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Finasteride was originally prescribed to treat enlarged prostates in men, before it was discovered that a side effect of the drug was an observed reduction of male pattern baldness.

It is now prescribed by dermatologists to treat male pattern baldness, and is one of only four treatments that can be used to combat the condition.

This is only one piece of the puzzle when trying to understand the structure of Trump's hair, however. Hair surgeon Dr. William Yates has said that it's likely Trump's look can be attributed to an early version of hair transplant surgery, or an expensive weave.

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According to Bornstein, Trump also takes a medication for rosacea, as well as one for elevated cholesterol and lipids.

The White House did not comment on the information or confirm with The New York Times that Bornstein is still Trump's doctor.

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