The surprising foods that help you fall asleep

The cure for your sleepless nights could be in the foods you eat before bed.

Sleep expert and author of 'The Good Sleep Guide,' Sammy Margo, says the following foods will help you sleep better at night.

Bananas contain high levels of the muscle relaxant magnesium, as well as sleep promoting hormones.

Honey contains glucose. A teaspoon of the sweet stuff will help your brain power down and help prevent your mind from racing.

If you're feeling stressed, almonds contain tryptophan and magnesium which will reduce muscle and nerve function as well as help maintain steady heart rhythm.

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If you thought that post-turkey dinner nap was because you were already tired, think again. Turkey is packed with tryptophan which induces sleepiness.

On the flip side, you should stay away from alcohol before bed as it prevents you from reaching deep stages of sleep and can lead to next day grogginess.

Spicy or fatty foods can give you indigestion and heartburn which can severely interrupt your sleep.

In general, be careful with what and when you eat before bedtime. It could be the difference between waking up refreshed the next morning and having an all-day afternoon slump.

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