Festive pink champagne cupcakes perfect for Valentine's Day

It's hard to believe that I originally had made this recipe almost 4 years ago! Oh, how time flies. With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought this lovely little pink champagne cupcake could stand an update and some polishing up.

For her birthday a few years ago, my mom had requested pink champagne cupcakes. And of course some pink champagne to wash them down with.

So naturally, I've got to rub some skinny all over it.

If you can't tell, I'm cracking up at my (at the time) three year old here who had been saying cheese for the photographer for about 2 minutes straight by the time this picture was snapped. And there's my mom, smiling as beautiful and perfectly as ever while my daughter and I look like dorks!

As I'm sure you've all guessed, my mother and I have a really close relationship. She has one of the softest and sweetest hearts and souls of almost anyone that I have ever met. She is a great mother and a wonderful naw-naw!

I love how much she loves. She once told me that her philosophy on raising my brother and I was that... she didn't think anything else in the world mattered as long as we both knew that she loved us. No. Matter. What. She said that was the key to raising a good kid. Making sure they know you love them.

That is something I will never forget.

Pink and champagne happen to be two of my favorite things in this world. The two things just make me smile. Seriously. Can you think of pink and champagne and not smile? Go ahead. Try it.

These fun and festive little beauties are not only great for birthday-like celebrations, but also amazing for Valentine's Day. The words pink and champagne go together with Valentine's Day like peanut butter goes with jelly!

Skinny Pink Champagne Cupcakes
TheSkinnyFork.com - Originally Posted 7/7/13

Ingredients:The Skinny:
Servings: 24 • Size: 1 Cupcake • Calories: 200.7 • Fat: 4.7 g • Carb: 36.2 g • Fiber: 0 g • Protein: 1.9 g • Sugar: 27.9 g • Sodium: 142.1 mg

1 Box White Cake Mix (Dry)
1 1/4 C. Champagne (I used Extra Dry.)
6 Oz. Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt
2 Egg Whites
1 1/2 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
Pink Food Coloring (I used 4-6 drops neon pink and 4-6 drops red gel.)

Champagne Frosting:
1/2 C. Butter, Unsalted (Not light butter.), Softened
1/4 C. Champagne
1 Tsp. Vanilla
4 C. Powdered Sugar
Sprinkles (Optional)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a cupcake pan with cupcake papers and lightly coat them with non-stick baking spray; set aside.

Mix together the 1 Box White Cake Mix, 1 1/4 C. Champagne, 6 Oz. Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt, 2 Egg Whites, 1 1/2 Tsp. Vanilla Extract and the Pink Food Coloring into a large bowl until well combined.

Divide the mixture evenly among the prepared cupcake pan with liners.
Bake for 15-20 minutes or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.
Once done, remove the cupcakes from the oven and allow them to cool.
While they're cooling, whip the 1/2 C. butter up with a mixer (hand held or stand.)
Add in the 1/4 C. Champagne, 1 Tsp. Vanilla, and 4 C. Powdered Sugar to the butter.

I added in the powdered sugar one cup at a time, mixing on low speed to keep the powder from kicking up all over my kitchen.

Once the cupcakes are cool, frost the cupcakes via whatever method you choose.

I piped mine with a zip lock bag. I'm classy like that today. Me and my champagne over here.

Add some pretty sprinkles and edible pearl gold dust if desired! Enjoy right away or store in a cool dry place for 2-3 days.

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