Dog allegedly chained up in man's backyard for 15 years finds a loving home

The dog that was allegedly chained in a backyard for 15 years has finally found a new home.

The lab-chow mix named Bear shot to fame after video of his chain being cut was seen all over the world, with many inquiring about how they could adopt the adorable canine.

In the end, one Long Island woman was chosen.

Kerrie Rank said she saw the dog on Inside Edition, as well as some other shows, adding, "My heart just leapt and I just had to adopt him."

She lost her lab, Zach, more than a year ago when he was 15.

"Bear is so perfect," she said. "He [has] the same gentle temperament, he's loving and kind and gentle and sweet and he never barks."

Rank teaches blind and visually impaired children and her massive heart is making the dog one happy pet.

In stark contrast to his former life, Bear is free to roam about the house as much he pleases.