Ways to pep up your Super Bowl party games

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

The Super Bowl might be just a game, but the parties are serious business! With all the anticipation over commercials, the smorgasbord of everyone's favorite junk-foods and the camaraderie or competitiveness, Super Bowl parties are one of the year's biggest blow-outs.

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Here are some ways to make sure your Super Bowl party lives up to the hype:

For pre-game fun, try football trivia. Research some football fan facts in advance, place them in a bowl and divide guests into teams. It's a great icebreaker and will get the games started early.

You can also take bets on things besides which team will win, such as how many celebrities you spot on TV or which player scores the most points.

For commercial breaks, print out some score cards and have guests rate the ads. You can even include some fun sayings like, "YouTube Hit," "Change the Channel" or "I Need a Beer." Write the sayings on index cards and tape them on popsicle sticks to pass out beforehand.

During half-time, have a guess-this-flavor contest. Chip flavors are so wild these days that this game can actually get pretty interesting. Dare someone to tell the difference between Bacon Mac'n'Cheese Lays and Cheesy Garlic Bread Lays.

The secret trick to throwing the best Super Bowl party is having all your guests leave happy. For the guests who might be nursing a tough loss afterwards, have a piñata full of candy on hand for them to get out their frustration.

The only downside to having this much Super Bowl fun is that you'll probably be nominated to host game day for the rest of the year.