Bakery selling croissants stuffed with sushi

By Emily Drooby, Buzz60

First foodies combined croissants with donuts to create the famous cronut. Now the croissant has found itself one half of another duo, this time with sushi!

Mr. Holmes Bake House has recently introduced the California Croissant, a five dollar croissant stuffed with smoked salmon, ginger, wasabi and nori.

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While the combination of puffy croissant and edible seaweed might sound a little fishy, social media users seem to enjoy it.

After becoming a hit in San Francisco, the flaky, savory treat has been added to the menu at the bakery's L.A. location. So you know it must be good because L.A. people love their sushi!

The bakery is known for their fun twists on croissants, such as the cruffin, a combination of a croissant and a muffin, and their churro croissants which are filled with dulce de leche and cinnamon sugar.

The buttery sushi-croissant combo also comes with a side of soy sauce for dipping.

The best part is that the California croissant can technically work as both a breakfast and a lunch treat!