Tostitos develops a bag that can tell if you've been knocking back booze

Super Bowl Sunday will soon be upon us, and while gathering with friends and watching the game is a great way to spend time, driving under the influence is not.

In hopes of discouraging people from downing a few and then hitting the roads, Tostitos has developed a snack bag that knows if you've been drinking, reports Adweek.

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It's cool about it, though. If it detects liquor on your breath, it will help you get an Uber and even give you $10 to help pay for it.

The limited edition 'Party Safe' bag uses a sensor and micro-controller which, when breathed on, can determine if alcohol is present.

If it finds none, a green circle appears.

Should the test come up positive, the bag displays a red image of a steering wheel and advises, "Don't drink and drive."

It will also make it possible to call an Uber with just the tap of a phone and issue a ride discount code redeemable for $10.