Whole Foods is adding a mochi bar to its stores

Whole Foods Market is hopping aboard the mochi-trend train by adding a self-serve mochi bar to many of its stores. If you're not familiar with the Japanese dessert, mochi is bite-sized balls of ice cream, surrounded by sticky rice.

Popular flavors include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but other fan-favorites range from exotic flavors like green tea and sweet lychee.

Some people aren't fans of the chewy consistency of mochi, but clearly the dessert has enough of a fanbase for Whole Foods to add a dedicated freezer bar to its bakery section.

Feast your eyes on these yummy treats:

Many stores in Chicago and Southern California have already welcomed this tasty option.

If you're not down with Whole Foods prices, Trader Joe's is often stocked with coffee and strawberry assortments, both of which are equally delicious.

We can't wait to take a bite out of these rainbow-colored treats!