8 cool items for your garage you never knew you needed

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Your home garage can be an excellent use of space for productivity. Whether you find yourself constantly working on your car or are simply pulling in to park, you will find that a well-equipped garage makes your life a whole lot easier. From a must-have Bluetooth gadget to the best mechanic creepers, shop these 8 unique items your garage is most likely missing.

Shop the best items for your garage

Avoid bumping into your garage wall with the AccuPark! Simply Peel and Stick this item  exactly where you want your tires to stop!
There is no need to take up valuable space when you can mount this easy vacuum right on the wall. It has a lifetime self-cleaning filter which means no bags or filters to replace!
This device is perfect for two car garages. It helps prevent damage to cars and your garage by shining a laser onto the cars to guide to the correct spot!
This #1 best-selling item on Amazon works to protect your car door by guarding it from hitting the wall when getting in or out of the car.
Taking up barely any space in your garage, this comfortable creeper seat is perfect for the days you need to do work on your car. 
This seat can be used as a mechanics seat or unfolded for use as a mechanics creeper. It can hold up to 300 pounds!

This garage accessory set has everything you'll ever need for a safe and secure garage. The coolest part is the Bluetooth speaker that allows you to make calls or stream music from 30 feat away. 

Keep all of your tools organized in one place with this pegboard. There is no framework required for assembly and it is 10 times stronger than the conventional pegboard!

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"Focus@will. This is a super cool audio app that specifically plays sounds/music that are scientifically designed to help you concentrate. I personally use this whenever I work to get a ton of stuff done; my favorite channel is Alpha Chill set to Medium Energy Level. It's really super effective, I find it so much easier to focus when listening to it -- there's a free 14 day trial so you can see for yourself!" -InvestmentZen

"The Personal Finance Planner. This is the perfect gift for the planner in your life. It goes way beyond traditional calendar planning and provides a system to organize your monthly budget, weekly meal plan, grocery shopping, debt payments, cash envelopes, and goals — all in one place." -Hope + Cents

"The Personal Finance Planner by Lauren Greutman. I am notorious for having 2 planners, a notebook, and whatever scrap paper I can get my hands on. This planner has it all in one! All the elements my Type A personality loves, the durability I need, and it comes in cute colors. I wrote a post about it here." -Saving with Spunk

"I am obsessed with cable cord keepers from Quirky my assistant got me. As soon as they are installed they transform your desk from a wired mess into a neat space saver." -Jill Jacinto
"Really not a gift, because it’s a free App, but Digit helps to automate your savings. Digit connects to your checking account and analyzes your income and spending. Over time it finds small amounts of money that it can safely set aside. This will really help you increase your saving rate." -Debt Discipline
"Essential Oils Diffuser. Smell is the strongest sense and really affects brain activity. Diffusers keep your work area fresh and you can change the oils depending on what environment you want to create. Lemon is great for concentration, peppermint promotes clear thinking (a my personal fav) and rosemary improves memory retention." -Saving with Spunk
"Nothing beats saving money on your grocery bills. This cute meal planner has a magnet, which allows you to stick it on your fridge for easy reference. The best part, you can get it for under $20!" -The Budget Mom

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