A look back at Mary Tyler Moore's red carpet evolution

Hollywood has lost another icon. Mary Tyler Moore, beloved actress of the "Dick Van Dyke Show" and "The Mary Tyler Moore" show, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 80. Not only did she warm hearts on the television screen, but the seven-time Emmy winner was an acclaimed Broadway star as well.

Moore broke barriers as one of the few female stars of the time to not only be featured, but have her own sitcom. On the "Mary Tyler Moore Show", which ran for 7 seasons, Mary played an unmarried, strong-willed career woman in a big city. Though a comedy, the show was an advent of a national shift in gender roles in Hollywood. Mary Tyler Moore epitomized the ideal, independent woman.

Moore's was a trendsetter as well. In the "Dick Van Dyke" show, Moore sported fitting floral capris, a fashion statement of the 60s, and in the 70s, her character trail blazed blazers and blouses for the working girl. She showed women around the globe that it was possible to be successful and have a budding career, while still maintaining femininity.

Scroll through to see Mary Tyler Moore's style transformation:

While her fashion sense changed over the years, Moore always donned her signature locks and iconic smile. Hollywood has lost a beloved and talented revolutionary.