Teens can't smell their own body odor, but the rest of us can

By: Sean Dowling, Buzz60

A new study shows teens can't smell their own BO, but the rest of us sure can!

Adolescents are also less likely to smell cigarette smoke and soap.

When it came to identifying junk food and ketchup however, they sniffed those out just fine.

Researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark conducted a smell test with 125 different odors. They wanted to see if there was a difference between young and old noses. Turns out, there was!

14% of adolescents couldn't smell sweat, but 92% of adults could. 10% of young people couldn't recognize cigarette smoke, but 97% of older folks could. This according to the Daily Mail.

All ages were able to recognize the smell of gasoline, fish and coffee.

The study author thinks the theory is true that kids pick up smells as they age.

For example, adults were able to identify herbs and spices, while younger people were better at sniffing out cookies and candy.

The study was published in the journal Chemical Senses.

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